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How can I expedite my printing order?

1.    Ask when your work can be completed. Our policy has always been two calendar weeks from submission, but in many cases that time can be shortened considerably. We will not, however, bump another clientís printing back a calendar date to move yours up. Everybody has an occasional rush job and thatís understandable; arrangements can be made to get it done. This usually incurs additional costs of 25% - 100% of the original quoted price.

2.    Use stock paper. If your job can use a stock paper this can cut print time by as much as a week and reduce over all costs.

3.    Customer supplied work and material. This without a doubt is one of the biggest work stoppers and mistake makers. Images Print Shop bears no responsibility for typesetting, proofreading, plates, negatives, or paper provided by the customer. It is considered press ready when we receive. If the typesetting or anything else mentioned above is wrong the print job will be delayed until it is made right.

4.    Proofreading. Printing can not begin until approval is received. Approval can be sent email or snail mail (typed/written) but not by voice.

5.    Good communication. Images Print Shop tries to take a proactive approach to everything. When we send an email we also send a return receipt request. By clicking on the reply, we know you received the email. If we donít receive the reply we try to follow up with a call later. Staying current, checking status, are two ways to push the job along.

6.    Future orders. If you have an item that you print two or more times a year, let us know. If it is non stock paper or a timely print job we can call or email to ask if you are in need.